Founder & CEO - Wise Media ConsultingAnna Porcaro – Founder & CEO – Wise Media Consulting

During an extensive career in administration and small business, I have learnt and mastered many forms of evolving technology. Yet, when Social Media hit the screens, I could not believe the changes it brought and the speed at which those changes were embraced.

I understand only too well just how confused and frustrated it can make you feel. Especially as a small business owner; who is time poor and struggles to grasp this ever changing technology.

We are bombarded with so much information; it can be very difficult to know what to take on board and what to discard.

I also struggled with this aspect of social media. I attended many workshops and seminars where I was given so much information that I walked out more confused and still not sure where to start and what to do next. However, I was intrigued and determined to master it.

With my increasing knowledge in the various social media platforms and my passion to help people, I created Wise Media Consulting so that I could assist small business owners better understand, manage and conquer their social media management.

I help small business owners take control of their online presence in simple, easy to understand steps and language with my one-on-one coaching programs and workshops.

Before you know it, you will be on the pathway to your social media success.